• Why travel with us?

Travelling is our passion, and we know it will be yours too when you start travelling more independently. 

If you have never tried travelling independently, try it now with us. Our goal is to help you plan it all so that you can skip using the services of travel agencies. You will find out that you love it!

  • You will spend your precious holiday time only in places you find interesting. We will build your travel plan only around what you want, not other members of an organized tour.
  • Travelling with us will cost you much less than the prices of similar package tours you find in travel agency catalogues.
  • We are transparent, and we work for you. You will always know how much you pay for our services and how much you pay for the trip itself. We don’t accept any commissions from providers.
  • You travel at your own pace. You will not wait or be rushed because of others. It is completely up to you where and when you stop for a cup of coffee. You, not your tour guide, decide when and where you want to go and if you want to read information about visited places.
  • The tide of organized tours is usually concentrated into certain hours of the day. Arrive two hours earlier or later and get a totally different experience of the place you’re visiting—one without crowds of other tourists. The bad news is, sometimes you will need to get up earlier.

If you have already tried independent travelling, you already know that it’s amazing. We don’t need to tell you! You also know that it takes a lot of time to come up with a good travel plan and arrange everything. If you want to invest that time somewhere else, let us plan it all for you and enjoy the trip itself.

The final decisions and how your trip will look will naturally always be up to you. If you want to enjoy a better hotel or go by a train instead of flying, it will always be your decision. We will consult the travel plan with you, and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with it.

It’s time for an unforgettable trip.
Let’s try it and plan it with us!

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Get in touch with us using the contact form or just give us a call at +420 606 128 004. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We will help you mainly with:

  • Selecting a country or countries, if you haven’t already chosen one.

  • Suggesting the places to visit and how many days to spend there.

  • Finding the best air tickets and other transportation for you.

  • Finding the best accommodation with best location, locations, quality and price.

  • Finding the best providers for your preferred activities.

  • Arranging visas online where possible.

  • Explaining where to book it alleverything and will helphelping with the booking itself.


Before you depart, we put all this together in printed or digital form. You will be able to access the travel plan in an online app that includes online chat if you need any assistance from us during the trip itself.