• Mediterranean Island Hopping

    15+2 days  Expected cost of trip: 1 490 € / person*

    Cost of travel plan from: 90 € / person

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Visit some of the best islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca, Sicily and Malta are a great mix of cultures unified by plenty of sunshine, great beaches to relax on as well as mountains and distant villages to trek in.

Start your trip in Palma de Mallorca with its monumental cathedral and hundreds of yachts in the local harbour. Then go north to see the beautiful landscape around the towns of Soller and Port de Soller and maybe pick an orange directly from a tree. Drive your car down to Sa Calobra. Another breath taking road will take you to Cape Formentor, which has several hundred high cliffs cascading directly to the sea. The picturesque towns of Valdemossa and Dea round up the experience.

Hop to Sicily and find yourself in the middle of the historic city of Palermo, which features many palaces and churches. Stop in Zingaro National Park on the way to the amazing city of Trapani and see the local landscape from the top of Erice Castle. On the next day, tour the valley of antique palaces in Agrigento, ending up at Scala dei Turchi, a limestone cliff surrounded by sandy beaches and azure waters. Continue further east and ascend to the crater of Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, then end your Sicily trip by losing yourself in the historic streets of Catania.

Hop to Malta and discover the walls of its capital city Valletta. Walk through marvellous harbour of Vittorioso. Visit picturesque Marsaxlokk and enjoy unforgettable views of the sea at Dingli Cliffs. Take a ferry and go to smaller island of Ghawdex, briefly stopping at Popeye Village. On Ghawdex, enjoy more, rough coastline around the former Azure Window or 360-degree views of the island from the walls of Demnija Citadela.

Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca, Soller a okolí, Sa Calobra, Cape Formentor, Valdemossa & Dea, beaches (6 days) -> Sicíly – Palermo, Zingaro & Erice, Trapani, Agrigento, Scala dei Turchi, Etna, Catania (5 days) -> Malta a Ghawdex – Valletta, Marsaxlook, Dingli Cliffs, Popeye Village, Ghawdex (4 days)

* Estimated price of trip includes all costs except meals other than breakfasts provided by accommodation.