• Seychelles

    8+2 days

    Expected travel costs (air ticket and accomodation): 19 000 CZK

    Expected other costs for food, transfers and other small costs: 10 000 CZK

    Travel plan cost: 1 500 CZK pp

This island nation is blessed by the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The combination of granite rocks, white sand and turquoise waters is just breathtaking. Coupled with lush and green interior, these islands are rightfully called a paradise on earth. Stop dreaming and experience it all. With our travel plan you will visit two out of three major islands (Mahe and La Digue) for an affordable price.

Where will this trip take you? Mahé & La Digue

Should you want to include some other island or just increase number of days spent on beach… just let us know. For example, going for 17 days and visiting all three major islands will cost you 1 600 EUR pp. We will adjust the plan according to your preferences.