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Made to Order Travel Plans

Made to Order Travel Plans
Don’t compromise your holiday time. We will prepare a travel plan based solely on what you want to do and see.

Ready Made Travel Plans

Ready Made Travel Plans
You will manage travelling on your own. Just select one of our pre-prepared travel plans.

Honeymoon Travel Trips

Honeymoon Travel Trips
A honeymoon should be exceptional, not exceptionally expensive. Let us prepare it all for you.

Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory
Ask whatever you need. We will find the answers.

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Only visit the places you find truly interesting.
You will be at the right time at the right place. Avoid the crowds of organized tours.
You will pay much less than what you see in travel agency catalogues.
We are transparent and work just for you.
Travel plans can be accessed either printed or online in a modern mobile application.

How we can help you?

  • If you haven’t already picked one, we help you select a destination.
  • We suggest places to visit and how long to spend there.
  • We find the best air tickets and other transportation for you.
  • We find the best accommodation, location, quality and price.
  • We find the best providers for your preferred activities.
  • We help you arrange visas online where possible.
  • We explain where to book everything and help with the bookings.
  • We put all this together, add information about the places you’ll be visiting and provide it to you in prined or electronic form.

Gift vouchers

Do you know someone who will be celebrating an important anniversary or a couple just about to get married? Do you want to give them the unforgettable memories of a personalized trip to their dream destination? Get in touch with us!

We plan the trip together with you so that you know how much money you need raise and can present it in detail to the lucky couple. Or we can wait and plan all the details with them once they know what they want to do. You decide!


Moc děkujeme Tereze a Martinovi za pomoc s naplánováním naší svatební cesty na Seychely. Velmi mě potěšil jejich aktivní přístup, vše se řešilo hned a splnili mi každé přání, které jsem si vymyslela. Za 12 dní jsme poznali 2 ostrovy, 3 krásné ubytování, nespočet pláží a další úžasná místa. Využili jsme všechny jejich tipy na stravování i výlety. Veškeré informace jsme měli stažené v aplikaci, takže vždy při ruce. Dovolenou jsme si opravdu užili a určitě se zase ozveme. Děkujeme Veronika + Libor
Veronika Kořínková
Thank you for all your advice and information on our trip to Indonesia. The suggested itinerary helped us a lot. Lombok as the place for chill out was the right choice. Thanks to practical information about Mount Bromo the whole trip went smoothly. Thanks to you, we enjoyed our holiday the best we could. Thank you!

Michal Zemek
Thank you very much for all the tips and advices on vacation at Bali. Even though I usually plan trips myself, your ideas have helped me make the journey even better, and your travel plan app is just amazing!

Marie Zimáková